I have worked as both a free-lance writer and an American literature teacher. Much of my published work is about aviation and travel. I have also worked in public relations, acting as media spokesperson for the Soaring Society of America and the Texas Rainforest Action group. In 2009 I created a Soaring Publicity Handbook and The SSA Media Kit that have been distributed in several countries by The Soaring Society of America.

Flying takes up much of my free time. I have a Commercial Pilot License and 1,160 hours in gliders. I have one World Record and seven US Records in my World Class Glider. (These records were homologated by the National Aeronautic Association and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the governing body which certifies all aviation records) I have raced in contests and flown in many parts of the country and Europe and New Zealand. In wave, I soared to an altitude of 24,000’ in a glider.

I am active in many aspects of aviation. I fly power aircraft, and especially enjoy flying the new Light Sport airplanes. Along with the other owner, I restored a 1946 Taylorcraft airplane. Serving as a volunteer at the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame I participated in the restoration of the museum’s warbirds. I crewed on the B 17, and other ships and air shows around the country. Highlights include the opportunity to fly the B17, a Jet Ranger Helicopter, and the B29 and a Leer Jet.

I am the Publicity Chair for The Soaring Society of America and also serve on the Growth and Development Committee for that organization. Also I am active in the Youth Outreach Program for the Hobby Terminal Museum.

Recently I returned to sailing and bought a 32’Catalina sailboat. My husband and I enjoy exploring the ports along the Gulf Coast. I cover the adventures on my blog as well as in Galveston Bay Soaring Association newsletter.

Some of my writing stems from my experiences living on the Navajo Reservation. In 2002 I participated in the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute where I examined the work of Indian storytellers and mythmakers of earlier periods as well as contemporary Indian writers. The academic component of the institute was important; however, living in the world of the Navajos at the boarding school was an equally important part of the process. A grant proposal I wrote the following fall provided me an opportunity to create a lesson plan that was placed on the US Department of Education web site

The following year I received the US Department of State’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. It gave me an opportunity to travel to Kazakhstan where I taught English. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I now have a “second family” in Kazakhstan, wonderful people who are close to my heart even if they are on the other side of the world.

I have been active in many organizations such as Justice for Children and The Rainforest Action Group. I served as Texas Publicity Chairperson for the latter group and worked with Indians in Equator to improve their living conditions. As the spokesperson for the organization, I handle media coverage and event coordination.

Traveling to 26 countries including most of Europe, Traveling to Kazakhstan, Central America, Mexico and Canada, I have found materials I use in my writing. Most recently, I spent 2 months in New Zealand. I worked at a gliderport and interviewed many noted aviation authorities for articles about general aviation in the country.

My husband and I reside in a historic district in downtown Houston, Texas. Our cottage was built in 1920. Our home is equidistance from the marina and the gliderport.