Soaring in Omarama: Exploring the World of Silent Flight

“We fly across time zones high above the earth in powerful jet planes that are simply the vehicles that transport us to our destination. We often find little in the flight that amazes us. Flying in a glider is an opportunity to experience pure flight. On a soaring holiday in New Zealand, you can soar above the snow-capped Alps with the world’s best mountain glider pilots. Silently, you will fly into a world of unimagined beauty.”

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Free Flight

“We see the power of the sky during thunder storms and tornadoes, yet we remain unaware of the powerful forces above us all the time. Once I became a glider pilot my way of looking at the sky changed. Flying elegant, long-winged gliders, I explore the forces of natural energy and the unimagined beauty in the sky.”

Drive Magazine, Summer 2009

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Going After Records is a Team Sport

The best way to learn about what it takes to set a soaring record is to watch a skilled and dedicated team.

Soaring Magazine, May 2005

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